Beef Enchiladas Recipe – How to Make Slow Cooker Enchiladas

September 28th, 2013

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Watch how to make beef enchiladas in the slow cooker. Simply layer seasoned beef in your slow cooker with quartered tortillas and a mixture of prepared salsa, canned cream soup, and Mexican cheese. These enchiladas are always a hit at potlucks.

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16 Responses to “Beef Enchiladas Recipe – How to Make Slow Cooker Enchiladas”

  1. eyelashalot

    I am mexican as …
    I am mexican as well as some of you, but i just want to say this i notice this in a lot of cooking videos.. the title of this video does not state authentic, so with that said some people who are not mexican or whatever nationality may not cook certain dishes authentic. but that doesnt mean it isn’t good i dont knock something until i try it. and some recipes are quicker to make than an authentic version, happy eating :)

  2. Michael Choi

    Link me a recipe.
    Link me a recipe.

  3. James B.

    At what point did …
    At what point did cream of mushroom soup and cream of chicken soup become ingredients in enchiladas?? I’m as white as they come and I can make them better than this.

  4. vuenavir sanchez

    canned canned all …
    canned canned all canned this is not authentic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. ImBrendynOk

    I don’t like this …
    I don’t like this narrator lady.

  6. jack howard

    so its a Mexican …
    so its a Mexican lasagna

  7. Jennifer Gutierrez

    As a mexican I just …
    As a mexican I just can’t help but get a bit frustrated when I see people make mexican food…and It’s not the traditional way

  8. Oh Sehun

    These are not real …
    These are not real enchiladas. True mexican enchiladas are not made like this… this is more like an american lasagna.

  9. lori8973

    Delicious idea …
    Delicious idea nonetheless.

  10. lori8973

    Do the tortillas …
    Do the tortillas cook all the way? The looked a little stiff.

  11. picframe000

    This would be …
    This would be better with shredded chicken :-)

  12. purplerain902701

    i would fry the …
    i would fry the tortilla so it wont get muchy….:)

  13. mijemu

    Uhhh strange …
    Uhhh strange comments in here but I have to say that looks fantastic, thank you very much for this video.

  14. DCARA06

    I come here just …
    I come here just for the comments, they’re so interesting!

  15. Migdalia Vargas

    Second !!!!!!!!!!
    Second !!!!!!!!!!

  16. Alex Dimov


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