The Crock Pot Still (Making whiskey at home)

October 19th, 2011

crock pot reviews Here is a video where I make moonshine out of a homemade beer. The beer I used was an 8% ABV Tripel. Check out my website at for fun whiskey and moonshine stuff. Visit this page for more information on the crock pot still –

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19 Responses to “The Crock Pot Still (Making whiskey at home)”

  1. TheWhiskeypro

    @ …
    @32countryboytellem32 about a half an inch

  2. 32countryboytellem32

    how far do you have …
    how far do you have to put the copper hose in the pot?? please and ty

  3. CondemnedPatriot

    @TheWhiskeypro is …
    @TheWhiskeypro is there a way to avoid the methanol? Also what would the product be if you put some cheap burgandy wine into it instead of beer?

  4. CondemnedPatriot

    HAHA! MY NEW …

  5. TheWhiskeypro

    @purplemutantas …
    @purplemutantas Food grade plastic is´╗┐ fine to use (we ferment alcohol in food grade plastic and the lid on a crock pot is safe to use when heating the crockpot) . The crockpot does not heat up high enough to melt or “pull” toxins out of the plastic. This still has been published in the Alaskan bootleggers bible and is safe to use.

  6. chrismallyon

    if it was glass it …
    if it was glass it would be ok, as you’d unscrew where the handle is on top, and theres already a small hole.
    Milliput your pipe into place and bingo.

  7. kze77

    interesting, but …
    interesting, but too short

  8. kamratfisk

    @samljer Why not …
    @samljer Why not the amazing still?

  9. samljer

    3hrs, long time.
    I …

    3hrs, long time.
    I just bought a 15L pot, now i got to find somwhere that sells the copper i need.

    Still deciding between pot and column still.

  10. cber8860

    do u drink it
    do u drink it

  11. TheWhiskeypro

    yes you can drink …
    yes you can drink it, don’t drink alot of it though because it is mixed in with some bad alcohol (methanol) which isn’t very good for you.

  12. TheWhiskeypro

    It will take about …
    It will take about 3 hours for it to get hot enough push the alcohol vapor through the tube and for the entire copper tube to get hot enough

  13. TheWhiskeypro

    no, plastic lids …
    no, plastic lids are preferred so you can drill a hole through the top of the lid

  14. cber8860

    can u drink that …
    can u drink that shit

  15. cber8860

    my crock pot had a …
    my crock pot had a plastic lib shood that be a prob

  16. samljer

    How long does it …
    How long does it take to start dripping once you turn that beast on?

  17. samljer

    Use of the milk jug …
    Use of the milk jug like that is genius lol

  18. TheWhiskeypro

    You can use any …
    You can use any type of dough, I just used a mix of flour and water

  19. Pitdog13

    what is it that you …
    what is it that you are using to seal the top of the crock

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