How to Make Crock Pot Macaroni and Cheese

November 1st, 2011

crock pot reviews “>Sara’s in the test kitchen crocking up a batch of comfort.

Get the recipe:

Duration : 0:2:27

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25 Responses to “How to Make Crock Pot Macaroni and Cheese”

  1. NekoCylestia

    Mmm….Mac and …
    Mmm….Mac and Cheese!

  2. chargrilledcharcoal

    average betty? I …
    average betty? I would say more than average betty!

  3. averagebetty

    @StarvingSound …
    @StarvingSound Sorta — depends if you use the low or high setting. Check the recipe on my site for measurements and such — there’s a link above in “more info” :) xoxo

  4. averagebetty

    @StarvingSound Mmm …
    @StarvingSound Mmm – I added green chilies to some of the leftovers – delicious ;)

  5. averagebetty

    @mikma hi mikma :)
    @mikma hi mikma :)

  6. averagebetty

    @velveetaslingshot …
    @velveetaslingshot Oh no! I must redeem myself with you…. what to make?

  7. averagebetty

    @BangZoomReviews …
    @BangZoomReviews You Rock!

  8. averagebetty

    @djdivix LOL! Love …
    @djdivix LOL! Love you! I’m NOT ever using prepared mustard in mac again…

  9. StarvingSound

    Oh. And by few …
    Oh. And by few hours do you mean three?

  10. StarvingSound

    Make a spicy …
    Make a spicy version. Mmmm.

  11. mikma

    mikma was here
    mikma was here

  12. velveetaslingshot

    I love ya Betty but …
    I love ya Betty but that mac n cheese looks awful. :P

  13. BangZoomReviews

    Great video as …
    Great video as always!

  14. MatthewRabbit99

    @averagebetty lol …
    @averagebetty lol we all rule :)

  15. asianmalaysian

    @averagebetty The …
    @averagebetty The fish sauce is a good idea. Being a Hakka or Han Chinese, my mum threats fish sauce the way your mom treats Coleman’s.:). Point taken; the box itself is probably better than what comes in it.

  16. KasCooks

    @PlatypusGuitar …
    @PlatypusGuitar Extend the olive branch, the crock pot is our friend.

  17. djdivix

    “like” if you laugh …
    “like” if you laugh at the gravity of the statement “I’m never doing that again…”

  18. averagebetty

    @russtex It’s …
    @russtex It’s pretty good – definitely have to be careful not to overcook it ;)

  19. averagebetty

    @SexeswithAxes Yup …
    @SexeswithAxes Yup ;)

  20. averagebetty

    @thechocolateaddict …
    @thechocolateaddict YOU RULE!!! xoxo

  21. averagebetty

    @RiddleSpider Let …
    @RiddleSpider Let me know what you come up with — I obviously added too much mustard (though the leftovers were good – didn’t taste mustardy at all!) What’s your favorite thing to cook in your crock?

  22. averagebetty

    @farside314 Gotta …
    @farside314 Gotta love food that makes itself ;)

  23. averagebetty

    @asianmalaysian …
    @asianmalaysian I’ll try the Coleman’s – my Mom used to throw that into everything :) But I want to try fish sauce — I’ve heard that really enhances Mac n’ Cheese. The crock pot was a request from a Mom who needed dinner to make itself while she took her kids to swim practice. Fresh made is better – but the crock is better than the box, eh?

  24. russtex

    Never knew you …
    Never knew you could do Mac & Cheese in the Crock Pot.

  25. YoBootyStinks

    @averagebetty …
    @averagebetty sorry. it was the mustard, lol.
    btw, you have really nice hair.

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