Loaded Baked Potato Soup

January 5th, 2012

crock pot potatoes jpg” align=”left”>Perfect use for left over mashed potatoes! Quick and easy Loaded Baked Potato Soup. Can also be made in a slow cooker!

**This recipe requires the use of real mashed potatoes…instant will not work. Not hard to make them…2-3lbs red skin potatoes, cut into pieces, put into a pot filled with water and some salt. Boil until fork tender, drain, mash and add 1 stick butter and 1/2c milk. Done.

4c mashed potatoes
4c milk
1 1/2c shredded cheddar cheese
1/2c sour cream
1T chives (fresh or dried)
4-5 bacon strips, cooked crispy and crumbled (or 1/4c bacon bits)
salt and pepper to taste

Put mashed potatoes and milk into a heavy bottomed sauce pan over medium-high heat and bring to a simmer. Turn off heat and add remaining ingredients. Stir to mix well. Done. Yes, it’s that easy!!

Duration : 0:2:54

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23 Responses to “Loaded Baked Potato Soup”

  1. cozzyk

    P.S. I was meaning …
    P.S. I was meaning my folks from your nick or the woods but you proably got that. Hows is your sweetie doggie?

  2. cozzyk

    I had a soup …
    I had a soup luncheon last week and made a turkey tortilla soup and navy beans and ham. I also had the ingrediants for potato soup but my hubs work partner wanted to make it so I gave him the ingrediants and well everyone reported to me it was bland. I was disappointed then that I didn’t just go ahead and make it. So I ll give it a whirl soon using your method. Soft hugs from Florida. The folks from your state are down here for the winter. Mercy me ;) .

  3. mysteryglo

    I was never a fan …
    I was never a fan of baked potato soup but this recipe looks delicious! I might just try it the next time I have left over mashed potatoes! 

  4. silverscreamgrl

    That right there is …
    That right there is going on a menu quick. Seriously.

  5. yllekr123

    Can’t get any …
    Can’t get any easier than that, looked great also. Love potato soup anyway, might as well have it loaded, lol

  6. squincegoddess

    Jason, this looks …
    Jason, this looks so simple…I must try this recipe lol! Oh It sure looks delicious and it has all of my forvorite ingredients, thanks for sharing! X

  7. TheLizardLover

    If I ate this I …
    If I ate this I might die of a clogged arteries, BUT IT LOOKS DELICIOUS!!! Too bad it is so unhealthy.

  8. croutoncrackerjacks

    @FruittisMaris I’m …
    @FruittisMaris I’m not a bacon fan either but it’s good in this! And NOOOO bacon sprinkles!! Yes, you can use it in this but I detest them, LOL!!

  9. FruittisMaris

    @ …
    @croutoncrackerjacks Yeah I’m not a bacon person! But you know I would eat your soup with Bacon! Most places add that bacon sprinkle crap! YUCK

  10. croutoncrackerjacks

    @dreamer72fem Do …
    @dreamer72fem Do Stacey!! It’ll give you reason to do another cooking video too… ;-) Love it when you take us in the kitchen with you!!

  11. croutoncrackerjacks

    @teacup3972 Please …
    @teacup3972 Please do and report back!

  12. croutoncrackerjacks

    @MrEskkaY You’re …
    @MrEskkaY You’re welcome! Definitely warms you up!!

  13. croutoncrackerjacks

    @ddAdmire You buy …
    @ddAdmire You buy the ticket there and I’ll make the meal! ;-) 

  14. croutoncrackerjacks

    @SugarInHisBlood I …
    @SugarInHisBlood I do too and this time of year is perfect for it!

  15. croutoncrackerjacks

    @COOLIKEDATAZIAN The boxed mashed potatoes won’t work for this. The potatoes act as a thickener of sorts and the instant kind don’t thicken it like the real mashers do. Also makes it taste pastey (to me).

  16. croutoncrackerjacks

    @FruittisMaris It’s …
    @FruittisMaris It’s delicious!! Prolly would be good without the bacon too.

  17. FruittisMaris

    Who disliked this …
    Who disliked this video? I will punch you in the face! This looks great! OMG! hold the bacon!


    We always waste …
    We always waste mashed potatoes, and this might be cool to make. Is it okay with the boxed potato’s too? Looks really good!

  19. SugarInHisBlood

    Sounds great. I …
    Sounds great. I love soup! LOL

  20. ddAdmire

    so, where do we …
    so, where do we send the request for you to come over and make this delightful soup dinner?

  21. MrEskkaY

    Looks such a good …
    Looks such a good winter warming soup. Thanks for the recipe!

  22. teacup3972

    This looks so good. …
    This looks so good. I have to try it.

  23. dreamer72fem

    I so will make this …
    I so will make this sometime…looks yummy!

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