Slow Cooker Okinawan-Style Shoyu Pork

September 15th, 2012

crock pot pork I did not name this recipe. If it is not Okinawan, no problem. It’s just Okinawan “style”

4 lbs. boneless pork butt
1 c. sugar
1 c. shoyu
1/4 c. sake
1/4 c. mirin
2 thumb-sized, thin slices of ginger
2 Tbsp. cornstarch mixed with 2 Tbsp of water

Cut pork butt into four equal pieces and place in slow cooker. Add in sugar, shoyu, sake, mirin, ginger and garlic. Cook on high for two hours. Flip pork pieces over. Cook anothe 2-3 hours, until pork is tender. When done, remove pork from the slow cooker and pour the sauce into a small sauce pot. Bring to a rolling boil on medium high. Boil 5 min., skimming off all of the fat. Thicken with the cornstarch/water mixture. To serve, slice the pork and pour some of the sauce over the top and serve the rest of the sauce on the side.

If you can make the pork the day before, it is easier to slice the pork after it has been refrigerated. To reheat the sliced pork you can either microwave or reheat it in a pan with a little chicken broth. Reheat sauce and pour over the top, reserving some on the side.

Duration : 0:8:38

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  1. CookingAndCrafting

    haha awesome! Stick …
    haha awesome! Stick with me, kid, you’re family will be loving you even more ;)

  2. hingamunga phobia

    thank u soooo much. …
    thank u soooo much. I made it and it was great. family thinks im a cooking genius.

  3. CookingAndCrafting

    You can definitely …
    You can definitely use low sodium shoyu–that is what we use in everything!

  4. kaciemom

    Can I substitute …
    Can I substitute with low sodium shoyu or am I going to loose the taste? I have to watch my sodium. Otherwise this looks so good.

  5. CookingAndCrafting

    LOL!! Yes, this is …
    LOL!! Yes, this is a good reason to get one :)
    If you are from Hawaii, try the crockpot laulau…OMG

  6. briggybear

    I’ve found a …
    I’ve found a reason to buy a slow cooker. Thanks.

  7. pinkpastelhearts

    mmm num num :D
    mmm num num :D

  8. arevaloN

    This looks so good …
    This looks so good its like “food porn”… lol

  9. Tamoderator

    2:14 It was a cool …
    2:14 It was a cool sound, I agree. xD

  10. CookingAndCrafting

    You’re welcome! Let …
    You’re welcome! Let me know what you think when you make it!

  11. 808foodlover

    Awesome!!! Gonna …
    Awesome!!! Gonna have to try this one. Mahaloz!

  12. CookingAndCrafting

    it was delish!
    it was delish!

  13. CookingAndCrafting

    I hope you do :) 
    I hope you do :) 

  14. CookingAndCrafting


  15. CookingAndCrafting

    thanks :) it was!
    thanks :) it was!

  16. CookingAndCrafting


  17. Ultimatecruegirl

    MMMM when I see …
    MMMM when I see that pork falling apart coming out of the crock pot you know it’s gonna be good! Great tip on peeling the ginger too Thanks!

  18. maybeeme220

    Looks yummy!!
    Looks yummy!!

  19. drbennettdc

    you went from …
    you went from sizzle-vision to gurgle-vision on this one! It was a cool sound! :-D

  20. WillowBranchDesigns

    That looks too good …
    That looks too good!! I can’t wait til I can make some of your recipes.


  21. sunsetlover

    Mmmmmm this looks …
    Mmmmmm this looks sooooo good

  22. CookingAndCrafting

    yep, cooked to …
    yep, cooked to pieces = best food ever

  23. CookingAndCrafting

    hmm I wonder if …
    hmm I wonder if splenda could translate

  24. CookingAndCrafting

    Thanks :) And yep, …
    Thanks :) And yep, the sauce was sassy :)

  25. CookingAndCrafting


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